About Us

A & D Wholesale Vintage Clothing LLC - Sources and supplies hand-picked, high-quality, Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s vintage clothing and accessories in eras ranging from the 1920s through the late ’90s. Deborah’s longstanding and discreet relationships with her clients have made her company, one of Los Angeles’s best-kept-secret and favored vintage buying resources for Costume Designers, Stylists, Garment Manufacturers, Textile Artists, Fashion Designers, and Retail Buyers here in the United States, and across the world since 2006. Deborah had a 25-year career as a clothing designer before opening A & D. Concentrating primarily in the area of Mass Market & Private Label for store brands such as Pacsun, Nordstrom, Contempo Casuals, Fredric of Hollywood Sportswear Div., Walmart, Jeans West, Hustler Apparel LFP, and Mervyn’s to name a few. With a strong background in product development and a talent for forecasting, moving from design to sourcing and buying vintage clothing was a natural and rewarding transition. It puts a smile on her face whenever she finds a piece of vintage she’d designed. Perhaps something simple, like a pair of mid-’80s Swat Label, dusty pastel hue, cabbage rose print,10 oz twill Shortalls (12 oz was too heavy for her local contractors to get through their machines back then, not to mention a heavier thread denier would be needed, altogether making the price of production too high). How sad that someone had finally discarded them, but then, she knew just the client to resell them to, and they were worth so much more now that they were over 30 years old and considered VINTAGE! Ah! Fashion indeed does repeat itself. 


SOON TO COME: We are very excited to announce that, for the first time, A & D will offer specialized vintage merchandise to the public, right here online via our new web store. So, check back often and take advantage of what’s sure to be a unique and fantastic vintage buying experience. There will also be a “Buy Request Page” for Personalized Purchases! Clients will be able to contact Deborah directly to have her put together vintage clothing wardrobe capsules (an outfit), or find that one piece you’ve been longing for. Make sure to Follow Us on Instagram to stay abreast of all 2020 Happenings!